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New Educational Foundations Issue 4  Summer 2015

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An Urgent Request from the Editors of NEF, New Educational Foundations 7/17/15

New Educational Foundations is off to a great start. Our first three issues together have been downloaded more than 69,000 times to date.

In an age of prohibitively expensive journals, NEF is available free of charge. (We also do not charge authors as some journals do. See Invitation to Participate, below)

We keep our expenses to a bare minimum, paying only for services we cannot donate ourselves. To date, most needed services have been donated, including authors, editors, artists and internet management. Still, with retirements, retrenchments, and other changes faced by our present small donorship, unavoidable expenses compel us to expand our request for financial support.

If you think NEF addresses your concerns and examines vital issues, please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can afford to protect and sustain New Educational Foundations.

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Thank you for your support,

The Editors and Staff of New Educational Foundations

An Invitation to Participate

VISION. In a top-down era of rubrics, standards, and bureaucracy, and in an unprecedented atmosphere of teacher-bashing, NEW EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS will offer independent and alternative voices. We invite outside-the-box critiques and nonstandard suggestions, ranging from opinion pieces to scholarly articles, for an online refereed journal of ideas and dialogue.

PERSPECTIVES: In this journal we are looking for neither cheerleading nor venting -- those are for blogs. We will neither favor nor reject any ideological bent, since as a group, we, the editors and reviewers of NEF ourselves, represent different, often conflicting commitments to fundamental beliefs.

Trust only those who have the courage to contradict you with respect and who value your character more than your favor.-- Francois deFenelon (1651 - 1715)

INVITATION: So, become a contributor. Send your monograph or letter of interest to Gary K. Clabaugh, Ed.D.".


Roberts Ehrgott, Wade Carpenter, Gary Clabaugh, Richard Phelps, Edward Rozycki